Stoilic Shipping

Maritime Training

With our network of experts and advisors, STOILIC Shipping delivers first-rate advisory services and solutions in the following areas:

  • Risk Assessments, Mitigation and Management.
  • Strategy Consulting.
  • Security Audits (especially for operations in High Risk).
  • Certified Private Security Contracting.
  • Ship Inspections and Vetting.
  • Statutory and/or Client-based Surveys.

Training for the various categories can be arranged on board, at the client’s premises or in selected venues as appropriate.

Import & Export

We have a cross-functional expert team with experiences across Import and Export Management, International Business Development, Export Marketing and Export Trading Services for Multinational Corporations and privately held companies.

STOILIC Shipping Import and Export Services is run over a well-established network of foreign distributors and retailers with footprints across the major trading hubs of the world including (but not limited to) USA, Canada, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Vessel Chartering

STOILIC Shipping runs a bouquet of expert vessel chartering, commercial management and competitive brokerage services  tailored to our client’s goals and expectations.
We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the precise vessel for any charterer, in the exact location and at the right time.

Our commercial management of third-party vessels secures gainful employment for such vessels by trading them worldwide within the specified contract period.

The brokerage we deliver is highly competitive and it spans the following types of vessels:  Cruise ships, Large high speed Ro-Pax ferries, Conventional Ro-Pax and Ro-Ro ferries, High speed craft, Ro-Ro cargo ships, Inshore, estuarial and river ferries, Cellular and non-cellular container ships, Tankers, (including oil and LNG/LPG, Bulk carriers), Break bulk cargo ships, Reefer ships (including break bulk and cellular container reefer cargo), Military vessels and Submarines.


STOILIC Shipping provides off-shore and on-shore chandelling for fleets and vessels across various ports and anchorages.
We deliver all the necessary commodities (like food, oil, lubricants, spare parts, etc.) to ship stores with utmost efficiency.

From the minute and essential needs to the various equipment and more sophisticated requirements of the ship and its crew; we have built out efficient systems to deliver on the same, on time and on budget.

Manning Agency

STOILIC Shipping handles recruitment of experienced, first class, highly qualified, and trained seafarers for the ship owners as well as shipping companies.
Our Agency services offer a great career at sea to officers, engineers and other ship personnel responsible for the maintenance of a safe bridge and engine watch, maintenance of life saving appliances, manning operational, food and health conditions amongst others.

We go above and beyond to deliver only the most conscientious, proactive and qualified crew to our clients.

Ship Agency

We obsessively ensure that both the vessels and cargo in our custody are in good and safe conditions.
With a professionally organized shore based management team and shipping services accredited to the highest industry standards; Stoilic Shipping offers versatile solutions in the management of vessels and cargo to fit the needs of our clients.

Our shipping company clients enjoy top notch Husbandry Agency and Hull Cleaning Services that is environmentally friendly. Charterers and Cargo Owners can rely on our Protective Agency Services to protect all their interests and our 24/7 interventions for loading and discharging operations.

Stevedore Agency

We ensure the efficiencies of all voyages by delivering an on-demand and skilled workforce for cargo operations; including loading and unloading of cargoes on and off ships, and other dockside functions.

Our mission is to ensure the efficient and safe handling of all cargoes.

Clearing & Forwarding

Our suite of services covers all the logistics (movement) and legalities (vital engagement with necessary authorities such as customs, border agencies, and port authorities) required for importing or exporting goods from one country to another.

We clear cargoes for our clients, store the cargoes at the warehouse, as well as arrange for the distribution or forwarding according to the instructions of our clients.

We also negotiate freight rates with the shipping line to cover the interest of our clients and prepare the appropriate documentations.

From surface to seabed, each service segment is structured to function as an integrated unit, all leveraging on the experience, expertise and resources available in each segment with the overall aim to enhance safe quality and timely service delivery.

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