Stoilic Energy

Consultancy & Maintenance Services

Our Energy Consultancy and Maintenance Services is powered by experts with the right blend of engineering disciplines and management experiences necessary to create optimal, green and efficient energy models for our clients.

From an Energy Sources and Consumption Audits and to modeling and monitoring interventions that would deliver efficiencies; STOILIC Energy is helping clients achieve more savings on energy costs, consumption and bill contracts while increasing the sustainable options open to them.


STOILIC Energy rides on a supply chain performing under very demanding conditions to the highest safety, quality, environmental and social responsible standards.
This enables us to deliver excellent procurement services that will reduce operational expenditures and help our clients achieve improved cost savings – freeing them to focus on their core-business operations.

Our strategic sourcing strategies is designed to improve the energy outcomes of our clients in alignment with management’s priorities.

Storage Solutions

STOILIC Energy offers safe, efficient and convenient energy storage solutions to deliver on our clients’ energy outcomes.

Our partner network has enabled us to design a scalable set of modular solutions with components spanning energy storage, power conversion, and controls.

Renewable Energy

Our Renewal Energy solutions offer efficient energy outcomes to our clients with clean, affordable, 24hours power.

With a motley of solutions from our Partner Network; (Solar and Inverter, Backup Systems, Small Hydro Power, Biomass energy systems, Waste to energy plant, Land-Fill Gas Plants, Wind Energy etc) STOILIC Energy is aggressively pursuing the large and promising off-grid potentials of Nigeria’s energy future.

From surface to seabed, each service segment is structured to function as an integrated unit, all leveraging on the experience, expertise and resources available in each segment with the overall aim to enhance safe quality and timely service delivery.

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