Catering & Housekeeping

We offer full catering services onboard ships which includes foreign cuisines spanning three or more continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa) and a variety of beverages and snacks available 24 hours a day.
Catering and House keeping Services. Perfect! Just as you want it.

STOILIC Catering & House Keeping also offers full house keeping and janitorial operations. This includes the cleaning of stateroom, gallery, bathrooms, offices, recreational centres, and common areas as well as the provisions of the supplies needed to enable the smooth running of these services. Laundry services are available to ensure that employee clothes and linens are always clean and tidy.

From surface to seabed, each service segment is structured to function as an integrated unit, all leveraging on the experience, expertise and resources available in each segment with the overall aim to enhance safe quality and timely service delivery.

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